Our Expertise

Sewage Treatment Plant Services

We are a distinguished organization engaged in offering Sewage Treatment Plant Services. Using advanced line of machinery and tools, we deliver most prompt and reliable services for sewage treatment plant. Our proficiency allows us to deliver these services at most competitive prices and complete the projects within short time.

Our proficiency allows us to offer most superior services for sewage treatment. we have a team of professionals, which is fully equipped with the latest technological equipment and tools for sewage treatment. our professionals visit the clients’ site and ensure that the sewage treatment are properly cleaned, maintained, installed or repaired.

Service Provided:
– Maintain/ refurbish Sewage Treatment Plant
 To dry out and dispose sludge/ waste water/oil and grease/ slurry sludge and etc.
 To resolve blockages of Inspection Chamber/  Mainhole
 To resolve clogged of toilet bowl/ washing basin (sink)/ pissing bowl/  floor trap and etc.   
– To modify and substitute spoilt/ blockages of sewer pipeline/ storm sewer drain   
– To supply/ service and repair submersible pump/ other Sewage Treatment Plant Equipment
Service/ Electrical/ wiring works for STP Panel/ Equipment

Suitable Lorry Type for Sewage Treatment Works:
Suggestion:  Vacuum Truck Lorry 4,500 liters capacity/ Water Jeter 3500 Psi & 1500 Psi **New!